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My 2020 Grow List

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

At long last, here's a look at the seeds I'm starting, or will be starting in the coming weeks.

I try to avoid getting to personal on this blog, it's about plants, not me, but I have to say this... the last two weeks have been CRAZY! It seemed like something went sideways in the universe and all the sudden there were all these ripples in my life from all different directions.

Thankfully, it wasn't anything tragic, but for example my brother broke up with his girlfriend of two-and-a-half years, so big changes happening all around me. I'm always the one trying to be the mediator so I've ended up their go-between. (Tricky!)

Believe it or not, my brother wasn't the only one hit with a jolt of crazy and I've ended up the voice of reason in multiple situations lately. I heard it had something to do with planets aligning, which I don't really believe in, but it's hard to dispute because it did feel almost cosmic in origin.

Thank goodness for my garden and some warm weather! I was able to get out and have a little "play in the dirt therapy" over the weekend.


I know you're not here to listen to me whine about my personal life so I'll move on to what you're really here for... MY GROW LIST!!!

I've included links to sources to purchase seeds when I have them. Some plants on this list I will receive in trade from a group of gardening friends who graciously took me under their wings a few years ago. The varieties (mostly tomatoes) are still included in the list, but I haven't been able to find a source for a few.

Those marked with an * will be purchased as plants from a locally-owned nursery/greenhouse.

Without further ado...

My 2020 Grow List



Bean, Burpee Stringless (bush)

Bean, Trail of Tears (black, vining)

Kale, Lacinato

Kale, Dwarf Blue Curled

Kale, Scarlet

Kale, Red Russian

Lettuce, Black-seeded Simpson


Pepper, Banana

Pepper, Better Bell*

Pepper, Shishito

Pepper, Poblano (Mosquetero)


Snow Pea, Green Beauty

Spinach, Bloomsdale Longstanding

Tomatillo, Toma Verde

Tomato, Aztek (cherry, microdwarf)

Tomato, Bendigo Moon (cherry, dwarf)

Tomato, Egg Yolk (cherry)

Tomato, JD's special Tex-C

Tomato, Lemon Boy (yellow)

Tomato, Sungold (cherry)

Tomato, Vorlon (black)


Basil, Aristotle (dwarf)

Basil, Dolce Fresca (dwarf)

Basil, Gecofure (dwarf)

Basil, Genial (dwarf)

Basil, Greek (dwarf)

Basil, Mammoth (dwarf)


Dill, Compatto (dwarf)

Mint, chocolate

Mint, traditional (unknown variety)



Sage, culinary

Annual flowers

Alyssum, Royal Carpet

Coreopsis, Plains

Gomphrena (AKA: Globe Amaranth)

Indian Blanket (Gaillardia pulchella)

Milkweed, Tropical (A. curassavica)

Partridge pea



Sunflower, Arika

Sunflower, Red Sun

Sunflower, Valentine

Zinnia, Persian Carpet

Zinnia, Mini-Zini Mixture (In stores only)

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