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My favorite micro-dwarf tomato: Aztek

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

This little micro-dwarf tomato has the brightness of other yellow tomatoes, cute shape, and tiny growth habit.


Above: Aztek (right) next to a Sun Gold tomato.

Last spring I went bonkers ordering micro-dwarf cherry tomato seeds, trying all sorts of yellow tomatoes so I could evaluate them against everyone's favorite yellow cherry - Sun Gold. You can read more about that here.

Overall, I didn't think many of them were noteworthy, which I recap in a little more detail here.

However, Aztek though was a winner and not just because I get Sir Mix A Lot's "Baby Got Back" stuck in my head thanks to the fruits noted peach-like shape. (In the song's music video, he dances on top of a booty-shaped stage, which he or the director insists was meant to be shaped like a peach, not a big butt.)

Aztek produced incredibly well, even though the plant never got more than 18" tall. The plants were growing next to some tomatoes that were infested with spider mites but these were the last of all the micro-dwarf tomatoes to fall victim to the spider mites.

They performed well and lived up to their promises.

A few facts about yellow cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are great for small spaces and containers

I normally grow more cherry tomatoes because I have a smaller garden, nestled onto a small lot in suburbia, and because I have the heaviest of heavy clay soil, which forces me to grow in containers.

Cherry tomato plants need about as much space to grow as beefsteak or slicing tomatoes, but they do a million times better in containers. The reasons for that are a post for another day (making a mental note to come back and do that), but I've been doing this a long time and I can attest to how much simpler it is to care for cherry tomato plants in containers.

Ironically, I didn't grow this dwarf variety in a container. I was out of room when I started these seeds so I tucked them into an empty spot in my front flowerbed. However, based on experience, I would be comfortable putting three of these plants in a 20-25 gallon container, which is one more than I would put in a container that size if planting traditional cherry tomato plants.

Yellow tomatoes are still acidic

Something that draws me, and a lot of people, to the flavor of yellow tomatoes is the sweeter notes they leave on my palate. This is very true of Sun Gold tomatoes.

The acidic notes are less present in their flavor but if you're on an acid restricted diet don't let this trick you. Yellow tomatoes have the same Ph, or acid content, as any other tomato, regardless of how they taste.

Why I love Aztek micro-dwarf tomatoes

  • Vibrant sweet taste of some of the most popular yellow cherry varieties

  • Bright yellow "canary" color

  • Pointed end, which gives them a peach-like shape, makes them unique and distinguishable from other

  • Just like all tomatoes, their antioxidant properties are good for me

  • Produced well until July heat

  • Resisted spider mites longer than other dwarf varieties

Aztek Tomato Facts

  • Determinate growth habit

  • Reaches no more than 18"

  • Cherry type (<1 ounce)

  • Open-pollinated (Seeds can be saved)

  • Bright yellow color

A few months ago, I reviewed my experience with all the dwarf varieties I grew. Read it here.

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