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Reboot in 3... 2...

I've felt about as tangled as these tomato blossoms!

I needed to get my focus back

If you've been a reader for a while you know that I have always had big aspirations for what this blog would be. Like most gardeners, one of my favorite things is sharing the knowledge I've gained, helping someone eager to learn from my experience rather than repeating the same mistakes.

I'm not sure why gardeners do that better than about anyone else, but... ANYWHO. That's a rabbit hole I won't chase today.

I started this blog for two reasons:

  1. I needed a creative outlet for one of my earliest passions, one that pre-dates my gardening passion, which is writing.

  2. I struggle (real talk) to make it work with my life. That's the part I want to elaborate on, not to make excuses but to explain the direction I plan to take this blog.

Let's talk about the struggle...

Squeezing a garden into a busy life

If you'll allow me to whine for a second, here are the things that have to take priority over my garden...

Working full-time, side hustling part-time (believe it or not this isn't my side hustle), parenting, staying fit, cooking at home, usually from almost scratch nearly every day because of food sensitivities!

Some of you might be thinking, SHEESH!!! Maybe it's time to give it up!

Obviously, giving up my garden is not on the table. It never would be because that's where I find more peace and head-clearing thoughts than anywhere else on the planet.

To be honest, giving up this blog is on the table, which is partly why I haven't posted in a while. But I REALLY DON'T WANT TO GIVE IT UP! So, I'm here to outline mostly for myself but also for you, what I'm going to do to keep this manageable and hopefully keep it going.

My goals for this garden blog moving forward:

  1. My focus will be on the tips, tricks, and various ways that I'm able to make this gardening hobby still fit into the chaos of life.

  2. I'm going to stop listening to podcasts, reading blogs, and taking classes that are supposed to teach me how to be a "successful" blogger.

  3. I'm going to define my own success. For me, that will be a handful of consistent readers who find value in what I'm sharing and give me feedback.

In closing, I'm leaving with an ask... If you enjoy the articles I'm publishing, let me know. And if I leave you with questions, ask them. Reach out anytime, whether that's in the comments section below, on one of my social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), or by shooting an email to thecollectedseed@gmail.com.

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