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Shishito and Bell Pepper Slaw

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

I have a tendency to experiment in the kitchen using whatever I have available and failing to write down what I've done. It's such a habit that at dinner my family often asks if this is from a recipe or something I made up. They've learned that if the answer is, "Something I made up," they better savor it because they probably won't have it again.

Since I only see Shishito peppers prepared two or three ways, I decided to share this one to help you use them in a new way. If you're not growing them, they don't need a lot of space. I typically squeeze 5 plants into one 25 gallon container. They help support and shade each other which is important in my hot and windy summers.


1 large bell pepper, diced

2 cups Shishito peppers, sliced

2 stalks celery, finely chopped (optional for crunch)

1 tbsp celery seeds (less if you use celery)

2 tbsp Dijon mustard 1/4 cup mayonnaise 3 tbsp oil (I prefer avocado or grape seed for a milder taste than olive oil)

Pickle juice (optional to taste)


Sauté the peppers and celery seed in oil until peppers are crisp tender. As it's cooking you can add a few splashes of pickle juice to add some acid. Apple cider vinegar would be a suitable substitution if there's no pickle juice on hand. I'm the type who can eat sauerkraut by the spoonful so I like the addition but if you don't have the palate for that much acid the mustard will probably be enough.

If you're adding celery, add it once the peppers are halfway done. Once the peppers have cooked down to crisp-tender, allow them to cool slightly. Stir in mayo and mustard before serving. Serve warm.

Parting thoughts

I tasted tested this and blocked the entrance to the kitchen, telling my family that dinner was all mine tonight. They thought I went a little heavy on the pickle juice so I will use a lighter hand when splashing in the future, but overall it got great reviews.

This was DELISH on grilled fish tacos. #Yum

I Googled a few slaw recipes for inspiration but didn't take enough from any one to consider this an adaptation.

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